Jul 212015
 July 21, 2015


Yo we’re heading down to the farm to get some final things in order fr VOICE OF THE VALLEY NOISE RALLY VII (VOV7) down in Millstone, West Virginia. This is going down in just a few days, JULY 23-26 2015. This is not to be missed if you can make it out. Seriously, gonna be tons of fun.



VOV7UPDATED LINEUP: Forma//Mister Matthews//Rodger Stella//Lexi Mountain//Mark McGuire//Headboggle w/ Hillboggle//Laundry Room Squelchers//Panicsville//Guardian Alien//Imaginary Softwoods//Long Distance Poison//Tatsuya Nakatani//Nick Klein//Angela Sawyer//Crank Sturgeon//Leslie Keffer w/ Sharkiface and Fletcher Pratt//Quicksails//Glacial23// Khaki Blazer//Styrofoam Sanchez//Clang Quartet//Baat//Shingles//Whorlweaver//Jenny Moon Tucker w/ Pony Payroll Bones//ADT//Ian McColm/Nate Scheible//Fire Death//Ryan Jewell //Nows//Fluxmonky//Brett Naucke//Eartheater//Ben Bennett//Moltar//Chillem Dafoe//Trogpite//Karl Vorndran//Strep Torso//Greg Fox//Indek//Sugarm//Hunted Creatures//Mousecop//Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman//HolyKindOf//Zack Kouns//Machine Listener//Bag 90//Power Monster//FleshControl//Close Your Eyes I’m Changing//Secret Boyfriend//Good Willsmith//Radio Shock//9-Volt Haunted House//Hood Ghandy//Breakdancing Ronald Reagan//John Doe USA//Sound Out Light //Boy Harsher//Shredderghost//Layne Garrett//hicksoncompactgroup//Jack Smiley//Hatchers//Strange Brew//Adam Miller//Brat Pitt//Cestine//Gator Boi//Aunt’s Analog//Floral Print in the Woods//DJ Soaking Wet//DJ Radiopeople//DJ Dr. Quinn//DJ Roadchief//DJ Phil Dagaps

Apr 172015
 April 17, 2015

whats up? check this out:

yup that there’s a super sweet collaboration between RCN heartthrobs MOUSECOP & Experimedia badboy superstar JEREMY BIBLE. you can buy it now from Hausu Mountain.


Apr 222014
 April 22, 2014


Friday – April 25, 2014
8pm ~ $5

Aaron Martin / Sontag Shogun / HolyKindOf / Cave Quartet
Audio/Visual installation Accelerationist Graffiti by Jeff Schleis
DJ Baat / DJ Dolph Lundgren / DJ Mousecop & more disc jockeying throughout

Thank you everyone fr the love & support toward the RCN CAVE these past few years. This will be our last show at the 68 W. Exchange St. location before we return to the Wandering Cave (this means Rubber City Noise will *still* be throwing shows elsewhere, putting out albums, and other kewl stuff)

So… come out and help us say farewell to a rad space w/ this awesome bill. Bring yr friends, hang out, enjoy, kick it, have fun, we love you all. Thanks!



Mar 142014
 March 14, 2014

Panoply, Future Death To

Saturday, March 22 at the RCN CAVE…

$5 – doors 8pm – BYO etc.


Panoply Performance Lab (NY) – Panoply Performance Lab is a collective, a performance space, and a moniker for collaborations between Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle. Each site-and-context-specific operation theorizes philosophies of mind, modes of production, and diverse epistemic genealogies via actions, composed and queried sound, homemade contraptions, and found objects. Often participatory and created in the moment with a collaborating audience, situations swing violently between the hyper-structural and the indeterminate. (http://www.panoplylab.org/)

Future Death Toll (NY) – Forged from the figurative beauty that dance and movement provides, Future Death Toll aims to introduce work that uses light, sound, and movement as a metaphorical stand-in for issues like mortality, death, diseases, prison as a corporation, intellectual property rights, bdsm, and subjective destitution. (http://futuredeathtoll.com/)

Van Baat – Zurvan (Ram Youseffi & Bryan Parks) + Baat (Lisa Miralia).

From Beyond & Friends (Marcia Custer, Joshua Goran, Beth Tree, Alyssa D’Amico and more t.b.a.) – Performing “Some Good Things Are Good, and Some Good Things Are Bad”
A journey: Manipulation / Exploration / Exclamation

Jeremy Bible – Fractured rhythms and noise from the experimedia boss evolving out of fragments from his recently completed conceptual studio album “Fractures” being released later this year by UK experimental label Entr’acte. Dysfunctional sampler/sequencer workouts against washes of grainy cassette recording reductions and player manipulations. A challenging mix exploring contrasts between electronic & acoustic, analog & digital and composed & generative elements. Composites of composites of composites. Jarring transitions and fast paced. Accompanied by a backdrop of his flickering audio responsive black and white light films, live manipulated by friend, assistant and collaborator J Bryan Parks. (http://jeremybible.com/ http://experimedia.net/)

Rot Ton Bone – Ben Osborne (Fire Death, T / E & BCF, Wyld Stallyns) heavy heady meditations of electronics and bass clarinet. (https://soundcloud.com/ilza/cosmological-meiosis-of)

Mar 042014
 March 4, 2014

rcndig003 faangface oboeFrom the dirge-like opener “Teeth as Currency” to the two part noise epic of “Desert Lawyer Plays the Oboe,” Faangface is in full form on his new digital album Oboe. Stream and free (or donation) download here & below.

Dec 252013
 December 25, 2013


Diamond Shiners 10th Annual Wassail Party


DJ Lisa Miralia (The Mysterious Black Box)

“All of this and more or less”

Saturday December 28th
8ish DJ & Wassail // 9:30ish bands start
at RCN Cave in Akron, Ohio

Oct 302013
 October 30, 2013

Cave Fest 3, November 9 2013, Akron Ohio

We are super stoked to announce the lineup of Cave Fest 3, November 9 at the Cave here in Akron. Doors open at noon and we’ve got a full bill of awesomeness from 1pm-1am w/ visual art, merch stands, and food throughout the day. Here’s the facebook event. Stay tuned fr full schedule and more links.

…and details…

The RCN CAVE is 3. Come celebrate and help us raise some $ fr sound & space! All day, with performances booked from 1pm-1am (doors at noon) and ongoing art, installations, and mercantile throughout the day.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman / Andrew Kirschner / Miyamigos & No Don’t / Bad Trouble / Mako Sica (Chicago) / Watchword / Hunted Creatures / Budapest Dojo / Travelogue / Greg Rasp / Khaki Blazer / Little Howlin Wolf (Chicago) / Church Slut / Parched Earth / Owl Baat / Gomorrahizer / Interstates (etc.) / Dreaded / Contamination Diet / Thorla / Robert Darkmatter / Blood Quarry / N Colyar P (Chicago) / Sisters in Death / Fire Death

Visual art…
Casey Ruic / Matt Horak / Dave Maynard / Kristi Wall / James Bryan Parks / Ram Youssefi

Merchandise & Curiosities from Experimedia, the Land of Plenty Fun Zone, and Erica & Tim’s Dream Machine Station

Bottled, local kombucha from Bucha Bill’s Raw Kombucha and return of the vegan and gf-friendly NOISE TACOS from the RCN dewds (other food goodies throughout the day as well)

Rotating DJ sets ALL DAY LONG, video art and video games, raffles and giveaways, miscellany and tons of fun

DONATIONS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, help the Cave fix our sound… again! Also, a few touring bands this year, so lets get them some gas $. Thanks!