Mar 142014
 March 14, 2014

Panoply, Future Death To

Saturday, March 22 at the RCN CAVE…

$5 – doors 8pm – BYO etc.


Panoply Performance Lab (NY) – Panoply Performance Lab is a collective, a performance space, and a moniker for collaborations between Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle. Each site-and-context-specific operation theorizes philosophies of mind, modes of production, and diverse epistemic genealogies via actions, composed and queried sound, homemade contraptions, and found objects. Often participatory and created in the moment with a collaborating audience, situations swing violently between the hyper-structural and the indeterminate. (

Future Death Toll (NY) – Forged from the figurative beauty that dance and movement provides, Future Death Toll aims to introduce work that uses light, sound, and movement as a metaphorical stand-in for issues like mortality, death, diseases, prison as a corporation, intellectual property rights, bdsm, and subjective destitution. (

Van Baat – Zurvan (Ram Youseffi & Bryan Parks) + Baat (Lisa Miralia).

From Beyond & Friends (Marcia Custer, Joshua Goran, Beth Tree, Alyssa D’Amico and more t.b.a.) – Performing “Some Good Things Are Good, and Some Good Things Are Bad”
A journey: Manipulation / Exploration / Exclamation

Jeremy Bible – Fractured rhythms and noise from the experimedia boss evolving out of fragments from his recently completed conceptual studio album “Fractures” being released later this year by UK experimental label Entr’acte. Dysfunctional sampler/sequencer workouts against washes of grainy cassette recording reductions and player manipulations. A challenging mix exploring contrasts between electronic & acoustic, analog & digital and composed & generative elements. Composites of composites of composites. Jarring transitions and fast paced. Accompanied by a backdrop of his flickering audio responsive black and white light films, live manipulated by friend, assistant and collaborator J Bryan Parks. (

Rot Ton Bone – Ben Osborne (Fire Death, T / E & BCF, Wyld Stallyns) heavy heady meditations of electronics and bass clarinet. (

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